Submit Testimonials Unlock Bonuses:

All you have to do is click the button above to start recording. We use a software that makes it super easy for you to submit your testimonials.

1. Desktop Instructions: Click on the button & then follow the instructions in the app (no download required). As soon as you finish recording it will ask you to submit or replay – if you’re happy with it – just click submit and you’re done.

When recording on a computer it will ask you for camera and mic permissions to record audio and video – please ALLOW that for successfully capturing sound and video. You don’t need any fancy recording equipment, editing or anything else.

Just click and shoot – no editing so special software needed.

2. Phone Instructions: If you don’t have a mic or camera on your computer you can use your phone to record the video testimonial. This is what I prefer since every phone today has a front facing camera and mic.

All you have to do is place it on something so it doesn’t move too much, click the link above and just follow the instructions. One very important instruction if you’re planning to use your phone to record is, hold the phone horizontally so the video is wide. Vertical videos are okay, but holding the phone on it’s side gives the best results.

If you’d like to receive the link on your phone (no download required) please fill the form below and it’ll send a link to any email that you can check on your phone. Use the link to start recording.

Note:  Please avoid recording in a noisy environment and make sure you’re loud enough. Bad sound or noisy backgrounds make the testimonials unusable for us.

Bonuses will be unlocked within 12 hours of your submission.