GI Funnel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once our team receive your information you will get a confirmation email. It usually takes 3-5 business days to deliver the whole setup with the tech integrations and other funnel flows.

Please be patient we will have the logins sent to you as soon as it’s ready.

There are different packages on Qliker and Aweber which provide you features accordingly. But as you’re just starting out in the Traffic Selling Business, you can start with the Starter packages that they are offering. 

Aweber helps you build your email list and you want it to be super safe FOREVER, I’ve been using Aweber since 2008 because it’s the gold standard in the industry.

Email leads = long term business success; so Aweber is what I recommend the most (followed by GetResponse and Sendlane).

There are mainly 3 methods which most  of the vendors in the solo ads industry use:

PayPal: Most of the solo ad vendors primarily use PayPal to send and receive payments.

Stripe: 2nd Most Reliable option. 

Bank Transfers: If Paypal or Stripe is not an option for you, you can also do Bank Transfers if you want the direct payment to your Bank Account. 

If you want to send out invoices to your clients instead of using buy now buttons you may use a service called HarvestApp which we have battle tested for multiple 6 figures ourselves.

Once you get an order, you just need to add your client’s link inside your “Clients” rotator. Then you need to buy traffic from a vendor to fulfil your client’s order. You need to give the vendor your Offer Page Link so he can directly deliver traffic to your funnel.

Depending completely on which model you’re using right now – GIFunnel or arbitrage (watch the Operations and Execution module again).

As far as purchasing clicks are concerned, you can approach the vendors that we have on or try using the techniques we mention inside our Members Area.

Some of the vendors might be running some discount offers. If the discounted prices work out well for you, then you can buy traffic from them.

At the moment we do not have an affiliate program simply because we have more demand then supply (good problem to have).

We literally get thousands of applications from people all over the world about the GIFunnel from our ads and word of mouth. We will keep you updated though, and if there is an affiliate program that we launch you’ll be the first to know.

The Optimizepress license is a yearly subscription that we pay for you when you first get started.

This is so that you can start seeing results ASAP without having to bother with the tech stuff. After the first year though we recommend getting yourself a license of Optimizepress yourself or sending up a payment of $89 which we will use towards renewing your license.

NameCheap is a domain name service provider, from where you can pick your domain name and make the purchase. 

EasyWP is a service provided by NameCheap, and used for hosting purposes. You will have to select a hosting plan and complete the purchase.

To get your Done-For-You Funnel Setup. You need a NameCheap and EasyWP account as having these two accounts will allow you to have complete control over your website.

I have already created a video about this – if you’re still not sure go to the training inside the Fundamentals module. It covers Domain names and hostings in greater detail and also shows you how things tie up and work together.

The Traffic Clients rotator link ( has already been placed in your funnel pages. But depending on the system you’re using reselling AKA arbitrage or the GI Funnel model – you’ll pass on different links.

Arbitrage model: You just create a new tracking link for the TRAFFIC SOURCE (this is the person you buy traffic from) and pass it onto him/her with the public stats link. 

The public stats link is also sent to the buyer of your traffic (client) so that he/she can check everything real time too.

GI Funnel: You take your client rotator and pass on that rotator link to your traffic source. 

When you add a new client to the client rotator – click on the 3 lines next to it and share the public stats link with the client.

Yes and no. If you have control over the Thank-You page of the product (the page people hit after making payment) all you have to do is install a conversion pixel on that page. gives you the conversion pixel and all you have to do is copy paste it into the header section of the thank you page. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can go over to and get it done for $5. Although it’s super simple in most funnel builders. Just go to the header page scripts and paste the code.

The conversion pixel can be found on your account. If you run into any troubles or things aren’t tracking correctly even after installing the pixel – first check the pixel is 100% there on the page by checking the page source (right click –> View Page source –> Ctrl + F or CMD +F –> Put in your qliker URL). If the pixel is there but still not tracking contact Qliker support.

Here’s where you find your conversion pixels, there are the same for all links in 1 account. It’s an account wide pixel:


See, Conversion can be of any form – Optins or Sales. Most of the vendors can’t guarantee a fixed number of Optins.

As you’re just starting out in the traffic business,  I will suggest you either modify that line or change the line. Some buyers can get confused with this statement and assume that you’re offering a sale guarantee. 

The extra clicks will automatically go to the affiliate offer links since the Affiliate Links rotator URL has been set as the Backup URL in the Clients rotator. So, repeat traffic will land on your affiliate offers. 

You don’t have to do anything extra – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Earlier we used to provide ClickMagick as an option for tracking services but recently with ClickMagick, there have been a lot of problems with tracking and Facebook doesn’t allow ClickMagick tracking link on its platform. So now we suggest using Qliker instead.

Also, the only difference between ClickMagick and Qliker is colors on the page….they have the exact same setup and everything is 100% the same functionality wise. We recommend but at the end of the day – your business – your rules 😊 .

Currently it shows HTTP because the SSL Certificate is not installed on your website.

To make your site secure and HTTPS, you need to purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider (Namecheap).

Once you purchase your SSL certificate, you can ask your hosting provider to install it on your site or you can reach out to our support regarding the same.

The fastest way to do it is through Namecheaps support since they are in control of everything on their platform. We can point you in the right direction but you’ll have to chat with the team there to get it up and running.

I do however, recommend getting the SSL thing going because you’re also going to be accepting payments on your website. SSL makes it secure.

You just use your Client rotator link in your emails. Extra traffic will go to the affiliate links since the affiliate rotator already set as the backup URL in the primary clients rotator. 

You can add your affiliate offer links inside your Affiliate Links rotator by logging into your Qliker account.

Once you log in, go to your rotators where you will see your Affiliate Links rotator. You just need to add the links of the affiliate offers which you’re promoting inside the Affiliate Links rotator.