Need Help? Create a support Ticket First

The support ticketing system helps us keep a note on your progress and gives us context even if you have a query 3 months from now – we’ll know exactly where we left off. 

That is why we recommend using the support ticketing system first. BUT, if you need some urgent help that just cannot wait or you want to discuss some confidential information or give feedback which is urgent & important, you may use the details below to get in touch with Prashant directly on his phone.

It needs a special app on your phone called the Voxer App. Here are the download links: Android | Apple

Once you have this installed you can send voices messages back and forth which are usually replied to pretty quickly. The purpose of using this app instead of something like whatsapp or something similar is the same as above – we want to keep a track of your progress and this app also (like a support desk) helps us maintain the conversations we have.

Here are Prashant’s Details for contacting him via the Voxer App:

Voxer ID: psharm361
You can also text him directly here: +1 209 813 4006 or +1 206 973 7559

Rooting for you,
Team StrategIQ
(For Prashant Sharma)